Volume Measurements

Fast and accurate stockpile inventory

Aerial imagery provides accurate volume measurements during grading operations for stockpile surveys, and even to estimate the amount of construction material delivered and available on‐site.

Automatically measure any type of stockpile:

  • Aggregate materials like sand, stone, gravel, and rock;
  • Biomass products like pulp, paper, timber, logs, wood chips, mulch, and manure;
  • Minerals like gypsum, kaolin, lime, clay, and ceramic;
  • Road-building materials such as asphalt, petroleum, coke, cement, and concrete.

The size of landfills or pits can be accurately measured based on cut and fill volumes.

Instant Measurements

Immediate access to distance, area and volume measurements on any device.

Bird’s-eye View

Providing the ability to capture a detailed view of inaccessible areas.

FAA Certified

Operating safely and in compliance with FAA Part 107 Rules.

Remote Site Visits

Virtually tour the project or site to review status remotely without stepping foot on-site.

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