Delivering the Perspective Above

Pacific States Aerial is a full-service commercial Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) operator authorized by the FAA for aerial services throughout the United States. Pacific States Aerial provides a complete package of data collection services to multiple industries using photographs, video, 3D mapping used to establish elevations, linear and volume measurements, and much more.
drone pilot flying drone over a stock pile at a construction site

Instant Measurements

Immediate access to distance, area and volume measurements on any device.

FAA Certified

Operating safely and in compliance with FAA Part 107 Rules.

Bird's-eye View

Providing the ability to capture a detailed view of inaccessible areas.

Remote Site Visits

Virtually tour the project or site to review status remotely without stepping foot on-site.

Interested in a career at Pacific States Aerial? Connect with us and submit a resume through our operating company Atlantic & Pacific Build Group.