Aerial Inspections

Quality inspections on the ground and from the air

In partnership with our affiliated partner, Pacific InterWest Building Consultants, Pacific States Aerial provides aerial imagery that allows for detailed inspections of the building envelope (below-grade, walls and roofing) that cannot be captured by ground-based inspections. The drone allows for a detailed inspection to be performed without damaging the roof and placing the inspector in unsafe conditions.

New Construction

Aerial inspections offer high-resolution photography and video footage that assist inspectors with their evaluations of a project by providing a detailed analysis from multiple perspectives. In turn, imagery and video footage is produced for reporting and presentations that assist clients and field personnel to interpret and understand issues, research foreseeable problem areas and address trending themes such as roof damage, water intrusion, and structural discrepancies.

Roof dry-in inspections are performed prior to the installation of the finish roof materials. The roofing underlayment is examined for the proper use of materials and installation methods. Roof finish inspections include an examination of the roof covering, fasteners, and accessories after the installation of the finish roof materials is complete. The drone allows for a detailed inspection to be performed without damaging the roof and placing the inspector in unsafe conditions.


Specializing in the exterior of the building as well as the surrounding property, pre-sale aerial services offer the inspector an opportunity to address roof, wall, and site issues without the risk involved in mounting the building. Photos and videos provide unequaled disclosure documents that are required in most states.

Most standard ground-based pre‐sale inspections provide an analysis and documentation of the interior of a building and only a cursory analysis of the exterior, and even less of the roof. Aerial photography and the modeling and mapping capabilities give a crystal-clear view of the roof, even the hard to reach portions. Another consideration for pre‐sale is the condition of the surrounding landscaping and drainage. Whether for new construction or existing property, documentation of the existing conditions is important from a risk management perspective.

Documenting the conditions of the property and buildings prior to the transfer of responsibilities to the HOA is an important step to managing expectations and reducing litigation in the future. Aerial photography captures the condition of the landscape, sidewalks, driveways, streets, roofs, exterior walls, and much more. These images are helpful in the future to counter claims made about the conditions at the time of turnover.

Completed Construction

Aerial roofing assessments are performed to determine the estimated functional lifetime of the roof and to also inspect if any repairs are needed. The inspection begins with the drone flying over the roof in a pattern designed to provide full coverage of the entire roof. Photographs of each building number, an overall shot of the roof, and a detailed view of the key areas will be captured. These still photographs will be included in the inspection report to assist in the repairs and as backup for the functional life determination of the roof system.

Our aerial services provide detailed photographic evidence and video footage to determine remaining serviceable life estimation for roofing, exterior materials, roadways, and parking lot deterioration or weather damage. Long before damage occurs, this service supplies clients the comfort of preparation and strategy for inevitable replacement costs.


Instant Measurements

Immediate access to distance, area and volume measurements on any device.

Bird’s-eye View

Providing the ability to capture a detailed view of inaccessible areas.

FAA Certified

Operating safely and in compliance with FAA Part 107 Rules.

Remote Site Visits

Virtually tour the project or site to review status remotely without stepping foot on-site.

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